Divine Chaos Queen's Birthday Weekend Workshops

These workshops are postponed due to COVID-19 lock-down restrictions. We hope to be able to present these workshops to you at a future date.


We are very pleased to announce the lovely and talented ladies from Divine Chaos Tribal Fusion belly dance company will be teaching in Christchurch in 2020! From Arizona USA, Divine Chaos are well-known for their colourful flaring skirts, high-energy performances, and unique and innovative style.


Booking form available here!

DC Tribal Dance Combos
[Sat 30 May, 9:30am to 11:30am]

Divine Chaos is known for their layered fast & funky tribal combos! With emphasis on technique and sass, this workshop will expand your dance vocabulary as Divine Chaos introduces a series of new Tribal Fusion movements that will focus on spinning and traveling steps layered with attitude to deliver an edgy yet graceful performance! This workshop is designed for intermediate tribal dancers. As a sub focus, this workshop will incorporate innovative lead changes and will work with both slow and fast repertoires. Come, feel the power, as these sassy tribal fusion combos are great for everyone!

DC Tribal Fusion Skirt Intensive Part 1
[10am to 12pm, Sunday 31 May]

A four-hour intensive broken into two two-hour workshops of Divine Chaos Tribal® Fusion ITS Format. Workshop for all levels that will focus on technique and making the skirt an extension of the performer. Get ready to swish, swoop and be sassy with DC Tribal's unique Improvisational Skirt Combos! Suitable for all, skirt technique can offer a fun way to liven up your dance. This class includes steps and combinations designed to fit any style with layered movements, spins, and beautiful lines to emphasize grace and precision. 25-yard skirts are recommended. A general understanding of Improvisational dance is recommended for this class, but otherwise, beginners through advanced are welcome. Please bring your own 25-yard skirt to class. All dance levels & styles welcome!

DC Tribal Fusion Skirt Intensive Part 2
[1pm to 3pm, Sunday 31 May]

(See above for description)

Indian Fusion & Bollywood
[10am to 12pm, Monday 1 June]

Divine Chaos has created an ITS (Improvisational Tribal Style belly dance - a cue and follow dance system) vocabulary of Indian Fusion combinations. These combos combine Indian classical, semi-classical, folkloric and bollywood moves with DC's own signature sassy style. From the graceful fluidity of the classical forms to the foot stomping fun of bhangra, the combos cover a variety of tempos allowing easy integration into most musical styles. In addition to the ITS combos, Divine Chaos has several bollywood choreographies of different lengths for groups that would like to learn a full performance piece [and we'll be learning one of these during this workshop].

Divine Chaos Indian fusion and bollywood instructors have trained and continue to train in several styles of Indian dance including kathak, kuchipudi, bhangra and garba. This training allows them to bring their knowledge of the dance, costuming and culture to workshop attendees.

Tribal Shawl & Skirt Fusion
[1pm to 3pm, Monday 1 June]

If Tribal Shawl is Ole! Then this workshop is Ole Ole Ole!!! In this workshop we link yet another amazing prop with our favorite – Tribal Skirt! This workshop fuses skirt and shawl together, dancing with both simultaneously, to create an incredibly challenging and visually dynamic performance. Special time and consideration is given in this workshop on holding the skirt and shawl in the same hand to allow movement and execution as well as dynamic exchanges between the two.

[7pm to 9:30pm, Saturday 30 May]

Rehearsal from 1pm at the venue, more details to follow.

Please check out the
Divine Chaos website for more information, watch their performances on YouTube, and follow them on Facebook